Diving the Great Barrier Reef

Monday, December 15, 2014
6 dives in 2 days. It's that simple. But as simple as it sounds the ocean is so unique and so magnificent, it's can never be simple.

It takes about 1,5 hour by boat to reach the good parts of the reef. We dived in 3 spots: Norman Reef, Hastings Reef and Saxon Reef.
On the first day of diving we had pre-booked 3 dives, and the first dive with a guide. We spotted a single Hawksbill sea turtle and decided to go by ourselves for the next 2 dives. Mads who we met up with in Melbourne, had joined us in Cairns and we all dived together.

We had brought with us the Australian flag along with the Danish kids television teddy-stars; Kaj and Andrea. Diving on our own was completely different and A LOT more exciting. A bit scary at first, but nothing we couldn't handle.

Besides fooling around with flags and teddies, we also spotted reef sharks! They were too far for us to get a got look and we decided not to chase them all over the reef. And instead return to our selfies and the smaller fish in the sea.

On the second day it was just Lasse and I, as Mads was heading back to Melbourne. We had only pre-booked 2 dives for this day, but went along with 3. As we dropped down on our first dive of the day it didn't take us long to find the first reef shark of the day, napping at the bottom at around 20 meters depth. After a couple of tries where we got close while swimming, I managed to get real close to this magnificent creature as it was sitting tight at the bottom while Lasse was holding the camera. To my own surprise I wasn't scared or nervous at all. I was calm and concentrated while closing up on the shark. As the shark took off to find at better place to nap with our disturbances  felt the blood and adrenaline starting to pump through my body. I could see in Lasse's face that he was excited too.

Our second dive wasn't as unforgettable as our first with the shark - or maybe we were simply too excited to focus on anything but that last dive. Before going for the third dive of the day, we went for a helicopter ride over the reef. Definitely the second best thing of the day.

Two absolutely unforgettable and precious days, where I think both Lasse and I felt extremely alive and excited about being on the other side of this planet. Not quite the December action we're used to back in the small kingdom of Denmark.

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