Inner Peace in Vézelay

Thursday, July 30, 2015
It was my second time in Vézelay, which meant I knew what was in store for me.

I travel a lot. Mostly towards new and undiscovered destinations. But there are always places you'll want to go back and revisit. Places where you somewhat feel at home. Vézelay is that kinda place for me. Perhaps it's because it in someways reminds me of my hometown or perhaps it's because of all the differences it has from what I'm used to.
Placed on a hill in the Burgundy region of France with the La Basilique Sainte Marie-Magdaleine on top of the hill. From there the town spreads out and down the hill. When you're walking towards the cathedral, you'll feel like the moment building up as you climb your way up through the narrow streets.
Once you finally reach the cathedral it's a stunning sight. Through my travels I have visited a lot of churches and cathedrals, but this one is quite different from the others. I don't know why, but it's like this place holds secrets. It's not intimidating or scary as many of the famous churches and cathedrals throughout Europe are. It's more of a sacred place, where inner peace can grow.
Inside the cathedral, there's a crypt which is said to hold the remains of Marie Magdaleine herself. I'm not too sure though. The cathedral was, however, built in honor of her and it shows undoubtedly through design and decor.

Behind the cathedral there's a beautiful panoramic view over the landscape, which surround the small town. There's a map marking the different points of interest.

Vézelay is covered by a mystic, yet calm aura. For me, the best time and place to get 'lost', is to sit and watch the cathedral is in the silence of the night skies.
Vézelay is still and will most likely always be; my favorite place in France.

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