Tour de France 2015

Thursday, August 06, 2015
Everytime Alpe D'Huez is part of the Tour de France, my dad and I are off to France to watch it. We've been doing this since 2011, where Pierre Rolland won. Our second time was in 2013, where Christophe Riblon claimed the victory. Could another French rider take home the glory of this legendary mountain?

We had a warm-up day at Col du Glandon, where the French took home a victory as Romain Bardet won the stage. The sun was bright and burning and we knew that priority no. 1 was Alp D'Huez.
Nevertheless it was the first time since 2011, that we stood on Col du Glandon - it was great to be back.

Alpe D'Huez has always been the Holy Grail of Tour de France. The honor and prestige awaiting the winner is incomparable. This year, we felt the slip stream as Thibaut Pinot (top photo) shot passed us like a rocket.
Yet another French rider claimed the glory. Who will be next?
One thing is certain; we will be there to spectate.

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