Birthday Lunch 3200 Metres Above Sea Level

Tuesday, August 04, 2015
On July 22nd, my dad and I took the lift located in La Grave, France.

It was my dad's birthday. We had to take two lifts, to arrive at our summit point, next to La Meije and Le Râteau. Up there, in 3200 metres, the air is thin and cold, but fortunately we had the sun out and just a slight breeze.

The second lift ends at Col du Ruillans, from where there's a stunning view towards La Meije and Le Râteau. From the restaurant you can glace upon the enormous Glacier de la Girose.
In the downhill direction, it's impossible to see La Grave, but resting there, at the feet of the mighty Alps is the smaller Glacier de Vallon.

Up there it's rocky and deserted. Further down the mountains, there's green grass, small mountain lakes and even goats, sheep and alpine marmots.

This was definitely one of the highlights during our road trip around Europe.

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