Greetings from Ireland

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I think I have finally discovered the meaning behind the flag of Ireland. The colour green, must symbolize the shamrocks and the astonishing Irish nature in general. The colour orange represents all the gingers walking the streets of Ireland. And lastly the colour white HAS to be that perfectly cut white foam on top of a large pint of Guinness... And don't tell me otherwise.

For once I wasn't travelling with Lasse nor with any family. This time I joined my close friend Nanna as she revisited Ireland where she used to study.
We touched down in the vibrant city of Dublin. Vigorously throbbing with energy and activity it seems like a city in constant movement.

From Dublin we decided to take a relatively short visit to Belfast, Northern Ireland, before we would continued down south to Cork.
In Belfast - the birth city of RMS Titanic - Nanna, convinced me to visit Falls Road and Shankill Road to inspect the famous murals. Not a bad decision and most definitely a tense atmosphere.

During our single-day visit, we went to several famous Belfast landmarks as we; took a walk through the City Hall, passed by SS Nomadic, contemplated the Titanic Belfast building, snapped a photo by The Big Fish, strayed across the Botanic Gardens and had a drink at Kelly's Cellars.

Ireland's second largest city; Cork spans both banks of the River Lee. Water channels are running beneath several of the main streets throughout the city. The walk from downtown, pass the English Market, following the River Lee opposite of St. Finn Barre Cathedral and reaching University Collage Cork is a beautiful trail of small paths. Even being the second largest city of Ireland, Cork seems to posses a lot less vibrancy compared to Dublin being the largest. Cork has a certain rural life about it.

In Cork we met Nanna's former study colleagues; Christine and Marcus. They humble hosted us in their home, cooked us delicious food and showed us some of the most amazing places in Ireland.
One of Christine's study friends picked us up by car at the university. From there we drove all the way to see the astonishing cliffs and beaches at Coumeenoole following the Slea Head Drive. On the way we stopped at Inch Beach and the small harbour town of Dingle.

The last place we visited before heading back home was with Christine and Marcus. They took us to the small habour city; Cobh on the south coast of Ireland.
On 11 April 1912, Cobh (or then Queenstown) was famously the last port of call for the RMS Titanic when she set out for her maiden voyage, which tragically turned out to be her last voyage as well.
We visited the centered St. Coleman's Cathedral, which are resting on a hill like an old giant and we saw the row-lined houses which comes in many different colours.

Ireland is a like a hidden treasure island, just waiting to be discovered. I know Ireland hasn't seen the last of me yet, as there are much to be discovered yet.

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