15 Ways to Save Money... For Your Next Travel

Thursday, June 29, 2017
I literally spent years perfecting the art of saving money. I'd like to share some of that experience with you guys. So here's my 15 Ways to Save Money... For Your Next Travel.

1. Set Goals With Your Travel Buddies

Col des Ruillans summit near La Grave, France
I most travel with a travel partner or two. Gaining not only company, but also a shared hostel, cab, etc. What saves you the most money however, is making a deal to "go travel next year". Having a goal like that, you'll feel obliged to maintain true to your agreed deal. You could even move in together and share your rent.

2. Stop Collecting & Start Selling
Ladies Market, Hong Kong
Being an anti-materialist has it's perks. Over the years of a lifetime people tend to gain more and more stuff. I turned my life upside down and started to get rid of as much as possible. I have very few materialistic things I truly care about. And truth be told - I've never felt more free.

3. Cut Your TV-cord
Fifa World Cup 2014 in Salvador, Brazil
Having cable TV can be super expensive. In these modern times of Netflix and YouTube there's plenty of entertainment out there for a lot less costs.

4. Invite Friends Over
Backyard BBQ in Bryrup, Denmark
Going out can be expensive. Especially if you're from Denmark like me. Cooking your own food at home is often cheaper AND more cosy (or as we say in Denmark: "hygge!").

5. Quit Smoking
Thien Hau Temple in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
It's expensive. It's unhealthy. Do you even need more reasons? Do sit-ups every time you're craving a cigarette. You'll quit smoking AND gain a six pack. What's not to like?

6. Buy Second-Hand
Worn-out Converse shoes
You know fashion always comes back around, right? Staying off designer brands and getting some of your stuff used is a great way of keeping your costs at a minimum.

7. List Your Spare Room On Airbnb
Merlion in front of Marina Bay Sands hotel, Singapore
Your apartment might not live up to the standards of Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore. BUT it could still earn you some travel money. You know that one room where you just put random stuff? Why not make that available for rent using Airbnb? You could even go thus far, as to list your whole apartment on the short-term rental site during your travels. Can you imagine earning money WHILE travelling? Cha Ching!

8. Save Leftovers
Black Burger in Osaka, Japan
Once you've started cooking at home. You'll soon discover that it gets even cheaper if you make larger portions. Saving leftovers in the fridge and reheating them the next day. Saves not only money but also time.

9. Work Overtime
Čumil "Man at Work" on the streets of Bratislava, Slovakia
When you know you're saving money for your next big travel. It only makes sense to work a little harder to earn some more. Working overtime hours does pay off quite nicely.

10. Work A Second Job
Window cleaners at Hyatt Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
You know those evenings or weekends of doing nothing? (I feel those of you with kids staring skeptical at me...) Go spend that time earning some more on a second job. Doesn't have to be anything fancy - every dollar saved is a dollar earned.

11. Never Do Shopping While Hungry
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milano, Italy
Hitting the shopping streets on a empty stomach often turns into an impulsive purchase. Go have some of that leftovers before you go out.

12. Shower Together
Blue Lagoon, Iceland
This one is for those of you with a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband. It's not only cosy, it also provides a cheaper water bill. Have fun! (or you could simply start taking shorter and cold showers..).

13. Ride Your Bicycle
Woman with her bicycle in Kaesong, North Korea
Owning a car makes it easy to ride it. Even for the shortest of distances. Brush the dust off of that old iron horse and get to pedaling!

14. Travel Local
Staying with locals at Andi's Talisay in Moalboal, Philippines
Travelling cheaper is travelling longer. Stay at cheap hostels or with locals, eat local food, hitchhike to non-touristic places and leave luxury behind. As you become a pro money saver do not hesitate take those skills with you (and your hard-earned money) around the world. And the best thing? Travelling like a local gives you so much more cultural insight, than the usual tourist stay.

15. Never Give Up!
Mt. Oberon summit in Wilson's Promontory, Australia
You know, in the end it all comes down to being persistent. Wanting it enough to make those changes in life required to travel the world. Never give up! And you'll arrive at your destination eventually.

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