Adam's Peak: The Highlight of Sri Lanka

Sunday, July 30, 2017
Adam's Peak (or Sri Pada) is a 2,243 meter tall ironic mountain located in central Sri Lanka. The mountain is well-known among Buddhists for the Sri Pada or The Sacred Footprint, a rock formations near the summit said to be the footprint of Buddha. And it was a highlight of our Sri Lanka trip. Both physically and emotionally.

Sunrise at Adam's Peak summit, Sri Lanka

The Last part of the Adam's Peak ascend, Sri Lanka
The mountain has become a pilgrimage route for Buddhists from all over the world. And getting to the top takes quite some effort. There are several routes leading to the summit, but the most visited is the one going from Delhouise (Nallathanniya) on the east side of the peak. We got to Delhousie from Ella by taking the railway. An experience in itself as you pass by beautiful Horton Plains National Park. We booked a guesthouse in Delhousie close to the beginning of the east climb.

Ascending this sacred mountain is often linked with the outstanding sunrises you can experience here. With the climb taking at least 2 hours you'll have to leave early (between 2 am and 3 am) in order to catch the sunrise. Bring water, flashlight and dry/warm clothes as it can be freezing cold at the summit.

The road is paved with stairs and concrete which increasingly gets steeper and steeper. The last kilometer is a real killer. The toughest part however is the waiting at the summit. We summited about 2 hours prior to sunrise. As you sit there, near the temple that's been built on top, the wind gets you cold to the bone as the clouds passing by soaks your clothes.

But as the sun starts to rise above the clouds you suddenly forget all about your wet clothes and cold skin. The sunrise on this peak is truly outstanding.

Japan Peace Temple on Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka
On the way back down you'll be climbing slightly faster and you'll have daylight to lead your way. As you ascended the sounds of waterfalls can be heard several times. Going down was actually an experience as well. Seeing the temples and the stunning views.

View from the descend of Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka
As you reach the beginning, so to speak, you'll pass through the Makara Thorana gate to Adam's Peak also known as the entrance to Adam's Peak.

Makara Thorana entrance to Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka
The last obsticle will be the bridge connection the town of Delhouise with Adam's Peak. From there is all about finding your guesthouse and geting some breakfast.

Bridge going to Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka

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