Ella: Backpacker's Hub of Sri Lanka

Friday, July 28, 2017
Ella is a small town tucked deep inside the central Sri Lankan countryside. This town is the main backpacker hub of the country and with good reason. The backpacker vibe is strong in Ella, but you'll see locals vacationing here too. I can without hesitation say, that Ella is the place to visit if you're backpacking in Sri Lanka.

Nine Arch Bridge near Ella, Sri Lanka
The Nine Arch Bridge is one way of arriving to Ella, as the train from Dambulla cuts straight through the beautiful nature to arrive in this secluded town. The bridge itself is a tourist attraction and no wonder, since it looks like something ripped from the pages of a Harry Potter book. Built when Ceylon was yet a British colony.

Ella Rock near Ella, Sri Lanka
The highest peak around Ella is naturally named Ella Rock. It's a 4 hour hike up and down, but the stunning peak can be spotted from other high grounds like Little Adam's Peak.

Ravana Falls near Ella, Sri Lanka
Ravana Falls is a place for relaxation. Grab a tuk tuk here and spend the day bathing in the pond just below the fall. The fall has been named after the legendary king Ravana.

Ravana's Cave near Ella, Sri Lanka
Not too far from Ravana Falls and on the way back to Ella. You'll find Ravana's Cave, that is if you're up for a small hike. Legend says, that King Ravana supposedly had kidnapped Princess Sita and had hidden her in the caves. The reason for the kidnapping is said to be a revenge for slicing off the nose of the King's sister by Sita's husband Rama. The cave itself is not much and there's no princesses left, but the views on the way up there is totally worth it.

Stray dogs relaxing at Little Adam's Peak summit as the sun sets near Ella, Sri Lanka
There's only one way to end your day in Ella. On top of Little Adam's Peak watching the unbelievable sunset. Named after it's bigger brother, the holy mountain Adam's Peak, because of similar shape. 1141 meters in height and providing 360 degree views over the central Sri Lankan landscape, this peak is definitely not to be missed. Now there's something for your bucket list!

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