Nevada: Day Trips from Las Vegas

Thursday, March 29, 2018
Besides the infamous Sin City of Nevada; Las Vegas. There are actually other things to see, which includes a lot less neon lights and champagne and a lot more water. Here's some of the coolest day trips you can do from Las Vegas, if you're getting tired of loosing money at the green tables.

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is located less than an hour drive East of Las Vegas. This impressive structure was built between 1931 and 1936 and costed more than a hundred people their lives. The state border between Nevada and Arizona is right down the middle of the dam, which means you'll be either driving or walking to another state as you cross the dam. The best place to see the dam from is on the walking bridge which runs along the US Route 93.

Valley of Fire

Just over an hour Northeast of Las Vegas is a relatively unknown state park. Valley of Fire State Park is one of the most stunning parks in the US. The park is gaining popularity among locals and I'm sure visitor numbers will increase rapidly in the near future. The fire waves located in the park is only reachable by a minor hiking trail. But it's safe to say it's worth the struggle as there's no chance you've ever seen anything like this before.

Death Valley

Death Valley is technically in the state of California and not Nevada. However, the drive from Las Vegas to Death Valley is one of the easier ways to reach the valley below sea level. Death Valley is a serious place where you do not wanna get stuck. Bring water, food and a safe car for this trip. Make sure you see the diverseness of the area by go to different places like Badwater Basin (above), Artist's Palette and Zabriske Point.

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