Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!

Monday, April 02, 2018

WELCOME! To the fabolous LAS VEGAS!
Sin City of Nevada has quite some offers in terms of money-spending and luxurious life-style. The Las Vegas Strip is where all the fun begins...
...so let's take a walk down the strip from the "Welcome"-sign in South and aaaaaall the way through Sin City.


One of the first hotels/casinos you'll stumble upon is Luxor. A giant pyramid hotel with Egyptian theme interior. Take a ride in the escalators and feel the weird movement as the escalator goes diagonally along the pyramid side. Pretty cool!


This one is for all the fairy tale adorers. Excalibur is a fantasy themed hotel and casino, which invites in adult who are young at heart.

New York-New York

Is this New York? No, it's New York-New York Hotel & Casino. The Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, even a roller-coaster. It's all there, except in the middle of a dessert.

MGM Grand

MGM Grand is one of the major hotels and casinos on the strip. They host some of the biggest events in Vegas and there are always something happening there. Check up on events, concerts, shows and more before your visit to Vegas.

Gordon Ramsay Burger

Famous TV-chef Gordon Ramsay has like four different restaurants on the strip. One of them is Gordon Ramsay Burger, right next to Hard Rock Café. Coincidence? After having tried the burger, I can honestly say that the only thing worth it's money in that place is the $4 Pepsi with refill. I'll stick to HRC next time around.


Bellagio attracts herds of people for their famous fountain show. The show plays out to music and every show is different and quite spectacular. At night the fountains is lit up by led light.

Caesars Palace

Some guy decided that he wanted Rome, in Vegas. I mean why not? And the result is brilliant. Indoors fountains, painted skies, and a live robot show about Atlantis are just some of the cool things to see inside Caesar's Palace.


Do they have live flamingos? Yes. Should you go there? Yes! Besides the popular flamingos in the backyard. Flamingo is also one of the older hotels and casinos, which has stood the test of time. Originally some of the mob gangsters used Flamingo for some of their dirty work.


The Mirage. Another juggernaut on the strip. Outside at night there's a volcano erupting. Fake of course, like everything else in Vegas.

The Venetian

So Rome wasn't enough for Vegas. They wanted Venezia too, and they got it. The Venetian has a replica of Rialto Bridge, gondolas taking people around the premises, both outside AND inside. That's right, they put a river in their hotel. Only in Vegas..

Treasure Island

Treasure Island, another hotel and casino which came to Vegas with the "family-friendly-wave". A pirate ship is docked outside the hotel and attracts young kids and young adults.

Stratosphere Tower

Stratosphere Tower is not only the tallest hotel and casino in Vegas, it's also the tallest structure in the state of Nevada. It marks the end of the strip and the beginning of Downtown Las Vegas, which hosts the old part and the birth of Vegas.

Freemont Experience

The Freemont Experience is the central street in Downtown Las Vegas. Some of the main things to do here is gamble at the famous Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino, eat at the Heart Attack Grill, Have a drink at The Griffin or fly over the street in a zipline.

The Mob Museum

If you wanna know more about the history behind Vegas. The mob gangs, the fraud, the murders, the famous gangster and those times when Vegas was a city built and owned by criminals, the Mob Museum is a place for you. Al Capone's revolver is on exhibit here along side his story.

Neon Museum

Not too far from the Mob Museum lies the Neon Museum hosting some of the old, but not forgotten, neon signs from the strip. It's not unusual in Vegas that a prominent hotel/casino is closed, torn down and replaced by a new one. The Neon Museum has gathered many of the famous neon signs over the years and perserved them at their exhibition. Oh and by the way, they have a big skull from Treasure Island, facing upwards, which can be seen on satelite photos. Pretty sweet.

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