Arizona: The Grand Canyon State

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Alright, alright. Arizona has the world-famous Grand Canyon, but there's a lot more to this US state than just that. Here's some of the outstanding places to visit in Arizona, USA.

Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon got a lot of attention after National Geographic explorer visited this place. Today, the only way to visit this other-worldly underground pathways is with a guided tour. There are Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon (above), both located near the town of Page. The Lower is the cheaper, which still comes at $50 per person for about an hour down below. The tour groups are jammed and right behind one another. This place is so amazing however, that you shouldn't miss out!

Horseshoe Bend

Probably my number one spot in Arizona. Located near Page like Antelope Canyon, the Horseshoe Bend is one of the most dazzling and terrifying view I've ever seen. The hike there is about 30 minutes from the designated parking lot. This place is swarming in people and with no security whatsoever, you don't wanna be standing too close to a Chinese with a selfie-stick. People have died here, both from accident and deliberately. Look out for yourself and try to find a quite place to suck in the greatness of these lands.

Grand Canyon National Park

Everybody's heard about it. Surprisingly Grand Canyon is only the second most visited national park in the US (only surpassed by Great Smoky Mountains National Park). The park is so grand, that it's difficult to understand the size of this place. Being there certainly makes you feel small. There are fences at some of the view points, so go ahead and take a secure selfie.

Meteor Crater Natural Landmark

50.000 years ago a meteor hit Earth right here at Meteor Crater in Arizona. The guided tour (included in the entry ticket) around the crater is very informative and you can even buy a piece of meteorite in the gift shop. Pretty awesome place for geology nerds like me and whatnot.

Petrified Forest National Park

I have to say, Petrified Forest National Park exceeded my expectations. This place was so different and astonishing I got mentally lost. The colors of the petrified wood is beyond this world and the years it took to become what it is today is mind-blowing. Hiking the small trails here is an absolute must.

Glen Canyon Dam

Consider this a small add-on, while your visiting Page anyway. Glen Canyon Dam is just outside the town and the magnificent structure will surely make an impression while you're right above it.

Bucket of Blood Saloon, Holbrook

I'll end this list with something entirely different in the city of Holbrook, Arizona. Here lies a closed property which goes by the name; "Bucket of Blood Saloon". The name of this place is just as sinister as the history behind. In this grim watering hole outlaws and cowboys could indulge their reckless habits. Gunfights were frequent, but in 1886 a gunfight took place that ended in so much death that the floors were said to be slick with a "bucket of blood".

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