Trekking inside Pulhapanzak Falls

Friday, April 27, 2018
Pulhapanzak Falls, Honduras
Pulhapanzak Falls is - with its 43 meter drop - one of the most prominent waterfalls of Honduras. The ground on which the fall lies is privately owned and run. There's an entrance fee to the whole area and on top of that you can buy a guided tour trekking through the waterfall.

Near the end of the trek at Pulhapanzak Falls looking back down, Honduras
Trekking through Pulhapanzak is not for the faint-hearted. It's a tough climb suited for adrenaline junkies and travellers with an affection for action. While you're in there it sometimes feels like you're holding on for dear life - which you are. Literally. The heavy water haze blown into the air by the force of the fall, creates a thick "wall" of water. Breathing is quite difficult and a feeling of drowning can creep up on you. Breathing through the mouth and staying close to the rock wall is a few good tips for staying mentally on top.

A pocket hole on the way through Pulhapanzak Falls, Honduras
There are several pocket holes and caves on the way, which lets you catch your breath. Before continuing your fight with Mother Nature herself. Hidden behind the curtains of water you'll feel remarkably save and a deep breath is need before passing to the next bit of climb.

Me and David reaching the last stop at Pulhapanzak, Honduras
After climbing the very last part pulling yourself up by a steel wire attached to the rock wall, you'll reach a small hidden cave behind the waterfall. Don't forget to look up once you're there, to see the water falling from the cliffs right above you.

Lasse cliff jumping at Pulhapanzak Falls, Honduras
Getting back down takes less effort and less time. While still high on the adrenaline kick, there are plenty of opportunities to do cliff jumping on the way as well. There are different jump and levels for the daring and the not so daring.

D&D Brewery near Lake Yojoa, Honduras
Not too far from Pulhapanzak, near the north end of Lake Yojoa lies a small backpacker hot spot by the name of D&D Brewery. A hostel AND a brewery in the one and same place. Obviously a magnet to travelers and most definitely the place to spend the night after going up against one of the largest waterfalls in Honduras. Still not sure what the D&D stands for though, but the beers are excellent.

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