Copan Ruins of the Mayans

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Copan Ruins is an archaeological site of the Maya civilization. Often considered to be one of the prime sites in terms of preservation and importance. A visit to Honduras is not complete without seeing these ruins with your very own eyes. Next to the ruins there's a small and cozy town of the same name; Copan Ruinas. The town holds several hostels, bars and cafés. You can either walk to the ruins from town or grab a tuk-tuk.

Restorations are being done all the time at Copan Ruins and some of the most fragile pieces are moved and replaced by replicas. There are however a lot of original Mayan artwork and they are absolutely stunning considering age. Many of the temples and figured used to be painted in colorful ways. Much of that has faded, but some are still visible.

Some of the ruins are even open for visitors to climb. And on top you're awarded with a great view over this ancient village. Village might be an understatement as this Mayan kingdom had a population of at least 20.000 during its peak and prime. The structural strength of these ancient ruins shows the building skills and knowledge the Mayans had required over centuries of ruling.

Some of the ruins are yet to be restored and lies on the backside of the village, covered in forrest. They seem more untouched and raw and gives a different perspective on how they stood the test of time.

The ruins attracts a lot of birds and most importantly the Macaw. These scarlet parrots had a place here during the Mayan kingom as well. They are frequently depicted in the art at Copan and they served as an important symbol to the Mayans.

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