Utila: Paradise of Honduras

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Utila is a backpacker island. A Caribbean paradise north of mainland Honduras. If you've ever been island hopping in Thailand you'll know what to expect from Utila. Except pad thai has been switched with poke tower, and Singha, Tiger and Chang is named Imperial, SalvaVida and Port Royal.

Main Street
Main Street on Utila, Honduras
Like any other small island which attract backpackers, Utila has a main street. This is where most of the restaurants, shops, bars and so on are gathered. Basically where things are revolving.

Chepes Beach
Chepes Beach on Utila, Honduras
The most easily accessible beach from the main street of Utila is Chepes Beach. Right off the street is crystal clear waters, white sands, benches and small huts just off of shore.

Neptunes at Coral Beach
Coral Beach on Utila, Honduras
If you're looking for something a bit further from the main street head to Coral Beach. This beach is owned by the operating resort on site; Neptune's. Neptune's provided free boats back and forth from the west end of main street. You don't have to be staying with Neptune's to visit, but spending a bit in their restaurant is most welcomed.

Water Cay

Take a day to head out to one of the cays lying just off of Utila's shore. Water Cay is one of the larger sand islands with very few people. The feeling of being in the middle of nowhere is certainly present. Bring some snorkeling gear as there are marine life around the cays.

The Venue Sunset

The Venue is another hostel on Utila. In their "backyard" they put up a "Utila"-sign, which is aligned perfectly with the sunset. Buy a few drinks at their bar to slip in and enjoy the sky burst into flames.

Poke Tower
Local dish; Poke Tower at Neptune's on Utila, Honduras
Poke Tower is without a doubt the tastiest food I had in Honduras. Raw tuna topped with freshly cut pineapple and their inevitable banana chips. Being on an island, seafood is the way to go.

Honduran Beer
Bottled Beers, Honduras
Besides the local breweries on the main land of Honduras. They also do produce some pretty decent commercial bottled beers. Imperial, SalvaVida and Port Royal are the most common ones. Port Royal was my favorite, but have a taste for yourself. Utila has a wide range of bars, considering its small size. Tequila Tuesday, Whiskey Wedensday. You name it, they got it.

Iguana on Utila, Honduras
Iguanas are quite common to spot around Utila. They are fascinating creatures, which can often be seen hunting crabs in the dirt. Did somebody say dragons?

Pelican soaring above the ocean near Utila, Honduras
Pelicans are also at Utila in larger amounts. They can often be seen near the ocean soaring above the surface looking for fish to catch.

Marine Life
Snorkeling Utila, Honduras
Alright let's be realistic, the marine life isn't the most lush on the planet. But it's definitely there, since Utila is overcrowded with dive shops. Snorkeling off of the cays will reward you with some marine life, but nothing out of the ordinary. Unfortunately, we didn't have the time to scuba dive at Utila - maybe next time.

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